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Sep 142018

SBC Disaster Relief teams are preparing to assist our neighbors, friends, and colleagues along the Atlantic Coast in response to the anticipated landfall of Hurricane Florence. We recognize that the people of Mississippi are some of the most benevolent of our nation. We GIVE! We know what it is like to experience a catastrophic hurricane and to have needs. We have benefitted from the gifts of others and we all want to help, particularly in times like these.


But often times our “help” becomes a hindrance to the recovery efforts. The many well-meaning, thoughtful, and personal gifts of water, clothing, household supplies, etc., and the countless collection of such items become a nightmare of logistical, transportation, warehousing, and distribution concerns for those attempting to assist the victims of the storm, both in short-term and long- term recovery.


That is why we request that in these moments as you consider how you can help, to consider a financial donation instead of donating water, clothing, materials, or other items. A financial gift is preferred for some of the following reasons:


  • Precisely what is needed, when it is needed may be purchased to support operations during response and recovery as well as eliminate problems of outdated and un-needed items. These organizations will have teams on the ground assisting local residents and will know the precise items that are needed.


  • Handling, storing, documenting, and transporting financial contributions is easier and utilizes fewer resources than in-kind donations. The greatest two needs during disaster recovery are volunteers and finances. DR response groups provide the volunteers, you can help with the finances.


  • Monetary donations help prevent the second disaster of useless in-kind donations. After every disaster there are often truckloads of materials that were completely unusable that must be distributed or rehoused, or disposed of. This takes valuable time, effort, and manpower away from assisting those in need.


  • Nonprofit organizations are able to provide tax-deductible receipts to donors.


  • Purchasing products in a disaster-impacted area helps rebuild the local economy. Getting the wheels of the economy moving in a disaster area is a key component in the recovery process.


  • Leveraging pre-established relationships and making wholesale/bulk purchases allows voluntary organizations to purchase more for their money.


Please mail checks payable to the MBCB designated to Disaster Relief at P.O. Box 530, Jackson, MS 39205.