Local Missions

The food pantry at FBC Flora has grown over the past few years into a mission to assist local residents with their food needs but most importantly a mission where we have been able to form relationships with the recipients. Over this time, we have been blessed to be able to pray with them, share in their joys as well as hurts and see the realities that exist right here in our own community.
Our Woven Women’s Ministry and Youth Ministry have partnered with Crossroads Ministries. The Crossroads Ministries facility is a place of refuge in the storm where women can put the pieces of their lives back together. It is a two phase operation. The first is where women come in from prisons, treatment centers, or abusive situations where they find a safe and positive environment for up to 120 days. The second phase places more independence on the women and supports and encourages them to find jobs, start paying rent, and prepares them to live on their own.‚Äč
We Will Go Ministries is located in urban Jackson and seeks to reach our neighbors in Jackson with the love of Christ.